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Monthly Archives October 2013

Absente Holiday Gift Pack Includes Special Glass Used by Earliest Absinthe Drinkers

Refined Holiday Pack
Adding an extra hue of green to holiday festivities, the lavish Absente Holiday Gift Pack includes a bottle of Absente | Absinthe Refined, a special pontarlier glass, the traditional absinthe glass used by French artists and adventurers, and a limited-edition absinthe spoon.   Available for a limited time, the collectible holiday gift box also features exclusive recipes and the re-imagined Van Gogh graphics that have made the original box so popular.   “’The green fairy’ has been coloring holiday celebrations for decades with its beautiful hue and distinctive flavor,” said Michael Yarema, Senior Vice President of Sales, Crillon Importers. “We are pleased to offer this year’s luxury holiday gift pack, which will help celebrations last a little longer.”   The holiday pack is available now in select locations. Responsible for welcoming absinthe back into the United State after nearly a 100-year ban, Absente is the stuff of legends, holiday wish lists and the finest events. Absente is crafted in the south of France with the highest quality artisanal methods and ingredients—anise and star anise, peppermint and the notorious wormwood. Absente can simply be enjoyed on the rocks or in a favorite green cocktail. In addition to Absente | Absinthe Refined, Crillon Importers offers four other unique absinthe brands: Grande Absente, handcrafted in France and made exclusively with the highest quality spirits and select botanicals; Supreme Absinthe, a limited-time luxury that is double-distilled produced in small batches for the true absinthe connoissuer; Absinthe Ordinaire, named after the creator of the first-ever absinthe recipe in 1792 and priced affordably; and Absente La Crème, available now in select locations, combines absinthe with cream, lemon and mint to create a smooth, velvety drink.
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