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Absente iPhone App

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New to the world of Absinthe?

Maybe you’re just curious about stepping outside of the traditional louche? Consider that passé, as we are about to bend your mind into a new wave of absinthe minded cocktails.

This free absinthe iphone app provides absinthe product information, cocktail, and culinary recipes to suit your every need and desire. Looking for a Halloween cocktail to compliment your escargot al la Absente? With this application you can browse through a diverse range of seasonal selections with over 200 recipes to choose from. Recipe categories range from traditional remixes, daring desserts, sharp shooters, seasonal selections and much more.

This application boasts hundreds of recipes to share with friends or share in your very own absinthe recipe library. Dive in and explore a vividly green world of hand crafted recipes with the best Absinthes on the Market!

Be sure to check out Absinthe By. M.P. Roux in the App Store Today!

• Browse recipes with Cover Flow!

• Explore Product & brand info.

• Create your own recipe library.

• Connect & Share socially.

• Find recipes based on Seasons,Courses, Moods, & more…

• Contact the Green Movement for purchase information. 

• Content Updated Regularly.

• Detailed recipe instructions. 

• More content to come via our YouTube channel.

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